Кулишева Юлия

Alex Elabor

Дарья Белова

Kulisheva Yulia


Hello everyone and welcome to Chicago School. My name is Yuliya and I am an English teacher. 8 years ago I graduated from Ugra State University Russia with a bachelor degree in linguistics. I am recently just completed my CELTA () and CPE certificates through the international Cambridge academy so I am certified teacher as well.

Through my young age I’ve always
been involved in helping students in different programs that include reading, writing and comprehension skills. I enjoy teaching very much and that motivates me to find out more interesting and compelling ways and teaching methods. After five amazing years of teaching english in Moscow, Russia I have decided to teach abroad in a new country. 2 years ago I was offered a position in Madrid, Spain and spend there 3 wonderful months!

Also I am a certified interpreter. I have an experience living in other countries so that gave me the chance to travel and get along with too many different people and cultures. I’ve been able to work with amazing people like Steven Seagul. My introduction audio is for those who are looking for the opportunity to learn English and may be in the future to teach as theSL as me and enjoy living and teaching in foreign countries. Welcome again and best of luck to all of you! 🙂


Alex Elabor

Good day to you all, My name is Alexander, am an English coach/ teacher at Chicago School. Over the course of my years as a Teacher/Tutor, my approach to student education has shifted from an emphasis on my teaching, to a more central focus on student learning, and finally to a more holistic realization that the two are inseparable aspects of the same whole.
I would define «teaching and learning» much as I would define «communication» as a holistic process in which there is a co-creation of meaning between student and teacher.
In order to accomplish this «co-creation of meaning,» I struggle constantly to balance basic classroom dialectics, which are giving knowledge and facilitating understanding; theory and application, helping and challenging; maintaining rigor and encouraging creative experimentation, and respecting and supporting a wide diversity of students and student needs while maintaining balance and fairness.
Feel free to approach us at Chicago School in any aspect of English learning.



Hello everyone and welcome to Chicago School. My name is Dasha and I am an English teacher. I graduated from Tyumen State University with a bachelor degree in pedagogy.
Many of people believe that learning English is boring and takes a lot of time. I can prove you that this statement is wrong.
I like to communicate with people and help them to learn English. I enjoy teaching and I always try to find out more interesting ways and teaching methods. Also it’s very important to hear from your students and be ready to help them at any time.
Teaching English for me is more than a job. It’s a part of me.
I believe that everyone can speak English and I’m ready to help you!